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Due Date Calculator

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For most women, finding out that they are pregnant is the most important moment in their lives. It is really great news that needs to be spread to friends and family members. The problem is that they are most likely going to ask about the due date. Unfortunately, there are so many women that do not know this and have no idea of the fact that there are different ways to calculate due date, like using a due date calculator.

Disclaimer: Your due date depends on a lot of things so the results may or may not be accurate. Talk to your doctor about these results for best effects.

When the doctor tells you how to calculate due date, the easiest method that is presented is linked with the last period of the expecting mother. In most situations the conception date is not known. That would provide a more accurate due date calculation but when you do not have it, you need to count 40 weeks from the beginning of the last period of menstruation. Conception and ovulation usually happen after that and from the moment of conception, the date is of 38 weeks.

It goes without saying that the help of the gynecologist can be huge when you want to calculate due date. The ultrasound is really useful as it can confirm the gestation age of the baby. You can go through this procedure after one month and a half since the last menstrual cycle and the really accurate results are going to be obtained after around 2 to 5 months since conception date. While using a pregnancy due date calculator can be helpful to give you an idea, your best bet is to ask your gynecologist.

You can easily see how to calculate due date with ease but there is one exception to the rules mentioned above and you have to take it into account. We are referring to women that have irregular menstrual cycles. When this happens, the ultrasound is the only real way to calculate due date, even if you believe that you know for sure when conception happens. Also, if the baby is too small or too large, the doctor cannot help you to calculate due date. In this case it is impossible if you do not know the date of conception.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

due date calculator

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How can you start? You can start by using the due date calculator on this page. This way, you can have a pretty good idea as to when your due date is.

The last thing that we have to highlight is that you can learn how to calculate due date but you should not rely on these calculations as they are never 100% accurate. Even a pregnancy due date calculator is not accurate. There are so many different things that can happen during a pregnancy so it is crucial that you are always prepared. Never miss a doctor appointment and respect the indications that you receive. Every single pregnancy is different so you need to always be prepared for everything that can happen. Bookmark this page so you can always use the pregnancy due date calculator whenever needed. Feel free to look around the site for pregnancy tips.